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AGAS LUBES W.L.L. owns and operates a 36,000 MT per annum Used Lube Oil Re-refining Plant in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Used lubricating oil is the single largest source of water pollution worldwide. One gallon of used oil can destroy 1 million liters of drinking water, while only five liters of oil can cover a small lake. The magnitude of problem can be understood from the fact that the amount of oil in one oil change can ruin a days' water supply in a small city and if poured in a storm water drain can create an eight acre oil slick.

AGAS LUBES an AGAS group company has come out with a solution to protect the sensitive ecology of the Kingdom of Bahrain by setting up a refinery to re-process such used lube oils generated in the country.

Our new facility based on the latest technology using 'thin wiped film evaporators' processes used lubricating oils at much lower temperatures under high vacuum. The products produced after refining are being exported and certain lube cuts can also be used for lube blending by potential interested parties in Bahrain, thereby creating new employment opportunities.

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