AGAS Lubes W.L.L., a subsidiary company of AGAS Group is established and head quartered in Kingdom of Bahrain. The company operates a 30,000 MTPA state of the art technology Used Lube Oil Re-refining  Plant in Bahrain and is operational since April 2010.

AGAS Lubes is registered with  various governmental agencies for collecting and importing used lube oil  from GCC for re–refining  and  thus  produce Lube Base Oils  of various grades in an environment friendly way with high and consistent quality.

Used lubricating oil is the single largest source of water pollution worldwide. AGAS Lubes has come out with a solution to protect the sensitive ecology of Kingdom of Bahrain by setting up a refinery to recycle and recover such used lube oils generated in the country.

Our new facility based on the latest technology using ‘wiped thin film evaporators’ processes used lubricating oils at much lower temperatures under high vacuum. Various grades of produced base oils are being exported.

Some of our products are

SN 25, SN 150, SN 300/Superior SN 300, SN 500, Fuel Oil (180 cSt), High Flash Diesel and Bitumen Pitch

Oil Has Never Looked So Good.