AGAS has successfully demonstrated its technical and operational capabilities in the fields of hydrocarbon oil recovery and soil remediation by carrying out one of the largest such projects in Bahrain for M/s Caltex and M/s Bahrain Petroleum Company BSC (BAPCO). AGAS has been working with BAPCO and CALTEX during the last 12 years in this field.

AGAS developed and deployed custom designed technology for removal of about 750,000 MTs of heavy oil with carbon chains extending beyond C 65+, with high level of impurities and weathered for over 70 years, by converting the same into usable fuel. AGAS has customized techniques for pumping out the weathered heavy oil and further processing to produce a blended fuel oil.

Salient features:

  • Hydrocarbon weathered for over 70 years and undergone severe degradation
  • Carbon range: Extending up to C65
  • Area: 550,000 square metres (135 acres)
  • Quantity: ~ 750,000 Metric Tonnes