AGAS’s innovative Soil Remediation Technology is a solvent based remediation technique that will not only remediate the contaminated soil to acceptable levels but will also extract the hydrocarbon from the soil. The process was developed based on protracted R&D studies of 7 years and after successful pilot studies. A commercial plant is installed at Bahrain within BAPCO premises for field operations and the results from the plant are highly commendable.

The process is an ex-situ separation and concentration process in which a proprietary mixture of non-aqueous liquids is used to extract hydrocarbon contaminants. The effectiveness of the extraction of the oil pollutants from the soil depends on the realization of an intimate contact between soil and mixture of solvents.

AGAS has successfully formulated a proprietary solvent mix, which is environmental friendly and non-hazardous, for the effective recovery of the waste heavy hydrocarbon from the contaminated soil.

AGAS’s proprietary technology has successfully treated soil with heavier hydrocarbon oil with carbon chains extending beyond C 65+ with contamination age above 70 years and TPH levels above 25%.

Advantages of AGAS’s innovative Soil Remediation Technology are:

  1. This technology will use environment friendly proprietary solvents to extract valuable hydrocarbons in the contaminated soil.
  2. Remediates the hydrocarbon contaminated soil to international standards while simultaneously creating value by recovering the contaminant hydrocarbon for reuse (successfully treated contaminated soil having TPH up to 25% with heavy carbon chains up to C-66 levels).
  3. Unlike other processes like incineration, bio-remediation, thermal desorption etc., the hydrocarbon is recovered instead of getting destroyed, without much change in the physical characteristics of the soil
  4. There is no waste generation or pollution.

Detailed animation video explaining the innovative technology…