AGAS Group of companies have been active in the Oil & Gas sector since 1989, with headquarters in Bahrain and operational plants and offices in the countries of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Groups main activities are mainly in the field of oil and gas that focuses on improving the environment.

Through it’s flagship company AGAS International, the group provides environmental services like Hydrocarbon Oil recovery and Soil Remediation to upstream and downstream companies in Oil and Gas sector.

AGAS LUBES WLL,  a subsidiary of AGAS Group of companies established and head quartered in Kingdom of Bahrain,  had set up and operates a  state of the art technology  Used Lube Oil Re-refining  Plant in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The refinery is operational since April 2010 to  produce  various grades of Lubricant Base Oils in an environment friendly way.

AGAS invests in research and development of path breaking innovative technologies and  develops them into commercial scale. One such technology is  ‘Catalytic Random Depolymerisation technology’ that converts hydrocarbon sludges/wastes, plastics and rubbers/tyres into useful fuels.

AGAS also owns and operates a private jetty and associated oil terminal, one of the largest amongst the private sector, in Kingdom of Bahrain, to cater it’s export needs.

AGAS International Contracting Est and AGAS International Trading Est constructs, operates and maintains various kind of petroleum processing and storing facilities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The group is also holding private equity in upstream companies involved in exploration and production, infotech and telecom sectors.

AGAS’s proprietary Solvent Extraction Technology has many advantages when compared to other common soil remediation methodologies.

AGAS's "Catalytic random depolymerisation" technology converts waste hydrocarbon sluges, plastics, tyres and rubbers into useful fuels.